Current and upcoming courses taught by Michael Andrew Žmolek at the University of Iowa:

Spring 2021

+ History Matters: The Russian Revolution of 1917

+ Sustainable Development

+ Introduction to International Studies

Fall 2020

+ World History: Stone Age to Feudal Age
HIST:2120:0001 | IS:2120:0001

+ Introduction to International Studies

Other Courses Previously Offered at Iowa 

+ History Matters: Cold War to the War on Terrorism

+ World History: Feudal Age to Nuclear Age
HIST:2122:0001 | IS:2122:0001

+ Capitalism and Socialism: From Smith and Marx to Trump and Sanders
HIST:1014:002 (Spring 2017)

+ World History I: Antiquity to Sixteenth Century
HIST:4107:0001 (16W:167:001) (Fall 2013, Fall 2015)

+ World History II: The Making of the Modern World
IS:4109 (16W:169:100) (Spring 2014, Spring 2015)

+ International Perspectives: Xicotepec
CLAS:3200(610:126) (Spring 2015)

+ Global Environmental Politics
IS:3199:0001 (Offered Fall 2015, cancelled)

Copies of course materials may be made available on this page.

Please check back for updates.